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Vibratory Finishing & Deburring Services

Our vibratory finishing services will remove any tooling and process burrs. It smoothes out rough edges and surfaces en masse to your specifications and gets parts ready for surface coating or assembly.

Smooth, clean, safe parts. Good vibes make the perfect finish.

Our expert team and advanced equipment are at your service to burnish, polish, deburr, descale, degrease, and clean your parts in bulk. From a bright shine to a dull matte, we have the expertise to achieve all types of finishes on any metal part. Tell us about your material and required surface finish and we’ll design the right finishing process to produce it.

Vibratory finishing ensures less wear and tear on your parts and increases overall durability and output. Our mass finishing services are cost-effective, non-labor intensive, and reduce risk of edge breakage, while guaranteeing your parts for safe handling. Most importantly, they create a smoother surface and an accurate, controllable, and uniform finish for your components.

We vibe to your specs to compose the perfect finish using:

  • Part-On-Part Vibratory Finishing Services

  • Steel Media Vibratory Finishing Services

  • Ceramic Media Vibratory Finishing Services

  • Plastic Media Vibratory Finishing Services

  • Vibratory Finishing With Washing Services

Out of 30 suppliers, one customer moved us up to number three after we started using Witness. They’ve helped us improve our customer relationships, so we recommended them to our own suppliers as well.

–Jim Schuster
Warmington Industries

Integrated Mass Finishing Services to Save You Time, Money, & Hassle

We can turn high-volume jobs around quickly because we’ve invested in the machines, humans, and the process to do so. Our unique blend of services makes us the smart choice.

Witness started as a vision inspection equipment builder for the automotive industry and expanded into inspection as a service. We’ve since made acquisitions that allow us to take on multiple steps in your process. You save even more time, money, and logistical nightmares while looking like a true pro to your customers.

Our proven process for ideal surface finishing:

Step 1: Review your request:

To start, we need a print and the material type of your product.

Step 2: Recommendations and quote:

Next, we design the process based on the degree of cut, required smoothness, and desired luster, and determine the correct media (size, shape, and material) for the job and send you a quote.

Step 3: Book your project:

Once we receive a PO for your project, our customer service and logistics teams will contact the appropriate person on your team to confirm scheduling requirements and shipping details.

Step 4: Finish your parts:

We gently load your parts into our specially designed vibratory finishing machine along with the selected media. The machine ensures the parts process consistently to create the finish you need.

Step 5: Final inspection & delivery:

When complete, we can audit the product to ensure it meets all your demands. We can also package, weigh, count, test, or label your parts before sending them wherever they need to go next. If during the audit process we find something that is outside of how the part is supposed to appear, our quality team will be sure to alert the customer via a suspect part alert prior to shipment.