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Part Sorting, Containment & Inspection Services

Catch non-compliant parts BEFORE they go to your customer and prevent future catastrophes with fast, reliable 3rd party containment services.

Smart. Accurate. Foolproof. Because you can't afford escapes.

We combine the best of technology and teamwork (maintaining 95% team retention and 0 temp workers) to deliver impeccable quality inspection and part sorting solutions that safeguard your reputation. Think of us as a cost-effective insurance policy. The investment you make in our services is a small fraction of the damages you will have to pay if your defects reach your customer's plant.

Some methods we use to keep your products defect-free include:

  • Fully Automated Machine Vision Inspection Services

  • Semi-Automated Machine Vision Inspection Services

  • Hand-Fed Vision Inspection Services

  • Visual & Machine Vision Inspection Combined

  • Human Visual Inspection Services

Witness equipment is not only more effective than the human eye, but it’s also better than similar sorting technologies. We haven’t had any complaints from customers since we made them responsible for our parts.

–Mark Drooger
Precision Metal Products

Witness the Power of Our Machine Vision Inspection Services

Hand-sorting is known to be reliable only about 80-85% of the time because people get tired, bored, and distracted, which leads to mistakes. That means a solid 15% of your defective product could be found by your customer. Witness was an early adopter of inspection with machine vision for this exact reason. Our high-definition cameras, lighting, and programming work together to achieve perfect accuracy.

After years of developing our process and building dedicated, in-house teams, we know what it takes to certify zero defects. As manufacturing has evolved, we’ve incorporated new techniques to increase efficiencies and reduce costs for our customers. Simply put, Witness solves the inspection challenges others can't. While it may start with human inspection, we recommend our full range of services to guarantee an immaculate delivery to your customers.

Our tried & true process for zero defects:

Step 1: Provide your criteria:

First, send us your print(s) and the criteria for your part inspection.

Step 2: Gather all the details:

After reviewing your print, we'll need defective samples, verified good parts, and any other all the criteria for inspection. We'll also need to know your volumes, any special requirements for handling, packaging and labeling.

Step 3: Recommendations & quote:

Next, we'll present our findings and any recommendations we have for your program’s long-term success along with a detailed quote.

Step 4: Book your project:

Once we receive a PO for your project, our customer service and logistics teams will contact the appropriate person on your team to confirm scheduling requirements and shipping details.

Step 5: Monitor process controls:

During cleaning, wash parameters are monitored to verify proper soap concentration, rust inhibitor concentration, spray pressures, and temperatures.

Step 6: Final inspection & delivery:

When complete, we can audit the product to ensure it meets all your demands. We can also package, weigh, count, test, or label your parts before sending them wherever they need to go next. If during the audit process we find something that is outside of how the part is supposed to appear, our quality team will be sure to alert the customer via a suspect part alert prior to shipment.