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Industrial Parts Washing & Cleaning Services

We make sure your parts are thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the next step in your production process.

Pristine, immaculate parts. We can hold your tightest cleanliness spec.

When other cleaning facilities can’t get parts clean enough, smart manufacturers call us. Because we don’t just do ultrasonic washing or barrel washing or belt washing or chemical cleaning or rust removal–we do whatever works best for your application. If you need the specification level cleanliness certificate we'll design the cleaning process required to meet those high standards. If you’re just looking for a basic wash, we’ll clean your parts via the simplest, most cost-effective method possible.

Having multiple processes for different requirements allows us to be quicker and more efficient too, which saves you time and money.

We tackle industrial parts washing from multiple angles, including:

  • Ultrasonic Parts Washing Services

  • High-Volume Belt Washing Services

  • High-Volume Drum Washing Services

  • Parts De-Rusting / Rust Removal Services

  • Citric Acid Passivation (Corrosion Prevention)

  • Multi-Stage Parts Washing Services

Out of 30 suppliers, one customer moved us up to number three after we started using Witness. They’ve helped us improve our customer relationships, so we recommended them to our own suppliers as well.

–Jim Schuster
Warmington Industries

Shrink Costs, Lead Times & Headaches

We integrated vital services to give you an edge. With deburring, washing, inspection, and testing services all under one roof, you don't waste time shipping parts to multiple vendors before sending them to a 3rd party inspection service, you can just send them right to us. That way, if we notice anything wrong during inspection, our quality team will resolve it.

You save time and money, you no longer have to deal with logistical headaches, and you’re never put in a situation where suppliers are pointing fingers at each other, not taking responsibility for errors. We take ownership of every job that comes through our building.

Our tried & true process for optimal cleaning:

Step 1: Review your request:

To start, we need a print and the material type of your product.

Step 2: Gather all the details:

We request documentation of any technical specifications required for certification, special handling, or packaging requirements.

Step 3: Recommendations & quote:

Next, we determine the most effective process and equipment to achieve your desired end results and provide a detailed quote.

Step 4: Book your project:

Once we receive a PO for your project, our customer service and logistics teams will contact the appropriate person on your team to confirm scheduling requirements and shipping details.

Step 5: Monitor process controls:

During cleaning, wash parameters are monitored to verify proper soap concentration, rust inhibitor concentration, spray pressures and temperatures.

Step 6: Final inspection & delivery:

When complete, we can audit the product to ensure it meets all your demands. We can also package, weigh, count, test, or label your parts before sending them wherever they need to go next. If during the audit process we find something that is outside of how the part is supposed to appear, our quality team will be sure to alert the customer via a suspect part alert prior to shipment.