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We Make You Look Good

You’re under the gun to supply 100% defect-free parts on time. We make sure that happens–every time. Since 1998, Witness has been a go-to resource for high-volume manufacturers.

We take a holistic approach to Quality. Offering a strategic mix of services in-house keeps costs low for our customers. It also saves time–and headaches. We designed our unique process to make you a Quality all-star. We continue to invest in technology, people, and knowledge. You get an edge over your competitors. Read more about our individual services below.

For our customers, even one or two defective parts in a shipment of a million pieces is unacceptable. Since we started working with Witness, their performance has been phenomenal. We haven’t had a single problem, and the process has been highly versatile and extremely accurate.

–Local Stamping Company

Inspection & Containment Services

You can't afford escapes. We make sure you never have to. Our quality inspection and part sorting solutions safeguard your reputation. By combining the best of teamwork (maintaining 95% team retention and 0 temp workers) and technology, we catch 100% of non-compliant parts. Think of us as your cost-effective insurance policy.

Mass Part Cleaning Services

We use a variety of washing equipment and chemistries to provide clean, consistent parts. Our unique process makes your parts cleaning project fast and effective.

Mass Part Finishing Services

Achieve a uniform surface finish on a large volume of parts. With in-depth knowledge and multiple media options, we can build a fast and cost-effective finishing process.

Value-Added Services

With all the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, every second counts these days. Our value-added services make it so you have fewer suppliers to manage. Not only does that cut down on lead times, but it also reduces costs and logistical headaches.

Problem Solving

To learn why parts fail and identify defects, we provide stop/notify reports, quality alerts, and reject reports. This allows us to recommend ways to improve your manufacturing process. It can also ensure greater accuracy in the future.