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Looking for more information about our process? Wondering about product turnaround times? Find these answers and more in our list of frequently asked questions.

The shortfalls of hand-sorting are well known. People become tired, bored, and distracted—leading to mistakes. Today the average rate of reliable hand sorting is 80-85%, meaning 15-20% of your product may be defective and found by the consumer.

Our standard turnaround rate is five business days. However, given the flexibility of our equipment and our dedicated staff, we can often turn the product in 24 hours if necessary.

Contact us and tell us about your product.

We 100% guarantee our inspection, washing, and vibratory finishing processes. If there are defects, we will determine the root cause of failure, fix the process, then re-process the parts for free.

High volume is our specialty! At our facility, we process over 5 million parts each week.

Yes, Witness provides logistics coordination with the carrier of your choice.

Witness has an inventory control system in place and we practice FIFO principles.