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Witness the Difference

Save time, money, and headaches by keeping quality initiatives under one roof. Our dedicated full-time team takes a holistic problem-solving (and preventing) approach to your quality challenge. We will assess your needs and design a quality process and equipment to match. Our high-volume quality automated solutions can include Washing, Vibratory Finishing, Inspection, Testing, and other value-added services.

With Witness, it’s more efficient and less expensive. Our parts are much more accurate too. We’ve cut our labor costs by 80% and we haven’t received a return or complaint on anything that they’ve done for us.

Whatever it Takes

Uphold the quality standards that make you a world-class manufacturer. Work with a 3rd party containment partner that strives for GROWTH in everything we do. We'll get your parts customer-ready and certified, even if it means trying something completely new and innovative. When traditional methods don't work, we get creative to give you a consistent quality process.

Industries That Love Our Services

Since entering the automotive sphere 25+ years ago with our revolutionary vision inspection systems, we’ve diversified to support the needs of other industries as well. Read about industry-specific solutions: