Why Us

The shortfalls of hand sorting are well known.   People become tired, bored and distracted.  These conditions lead to mistakes.  Even the use of calipers and micrometers can vary with the operator.  Typical reliability of hand sorting is only 80-85%.  That means 15-20% of your defects may pass through to be found by your customer.

What is Vision Sorting?

The product is presented to a digital camera to begin the inspection process. The camera takes an image of the product, checks various features and/or attributes of the product, and makes the decision of pass or fail.  This process removes the opportunity of human intervention during the decision making process, making sure each part is inspected exactly the same, every time.

The cameras take all the measurements and make the pass-fail decision consistently, time after time.  Rejected parts are eliminated, and accepted parts are ejected into the customer’s containers, sealed and labeled as required.  Reliability of our vision inspection is 100% and we guarantee the results.


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We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees we have consistent processes assuring consistent results.  We have dedicated employees who are committed to making sure that your customers only receive the very best you have to offer. 


100% guarantee!!

With both the inspection services and the machine building we guarantee our work 100%.


Quality Policy Statement

Witness Inspection, Inc. utilizes a team approach to meet or exceed our customer expectations.  We do this by continually developing, maintaining, or improving the performance and process interactions of man and machine. Witness Inspection, Inc.’s focus is to offer practical solutions to our customers by delivering quality products and services, on time, at competitive prices that will generate reasonable rewards and profits to all shareholders. This quality policy is available to the public.