Precision Metal Products in Holland, MI, has used Witness for several years and is very pleased with the results.
Not only does the Witness equipment do a better job than the human eye, but it is better than similar sorting technologies I have seen.  Witness can do a more intricate sorting with their technology. We haven’t had any complaints from customers since we started taking our parts to them.

Mark Drooger
Precision Metal Products
Holland, MI
What others say about Witness Inspection:
For our customers, even one or two defective parts in a shipment of a million pieces is not acceptable.  Witness Inspection’s performance has been phenomenal, we haven’t had a single problem, and the process has been highly versatile and extremely accurate.  

Stamping Company
Holland, MI
It’s faster, it’s more efficient, and it is less expensive. It is much more accurate, too.  We’ve cut our labor costs by 80 percent and we have not received a return or complaint on anything that they have done for us.

Holland, MI
Out of 30 or so suppliers, one customer moved us up to number three after we started using the Witness system.  It helps us improve our customer relationships, and we have even taken it out to our own suppliers to improve their quality as well.

Jim Schuster
Warmington Industries
Grand Rapids, MI
Specialty Fastener Distributor
We’re promoting it through our supply chain, too.  None of the suppliers in our supply base are as effective as Warmington Industries which uses the Witness system.  And we’ve invited Witness in to error-proof sort in our own plant.

Rich Shippy
Agape Plastics
Grand Rapids, MI
Product and service is excellent. Kurt and Jessica respond to any question about the equipment right away. Excellent support for the machine!

Gene Jamison, III
Jamison Industries, Inc.
Taylor, MI
When asked who does it better? The answer comes back: “Have not had to look – Keep up the good work!"

Sid Widmayer
Agritek Industries
Holland, MI
The Witness team has been able to deliver on any claims that have been made.

Mike Hall
Jay Allen
Viking Products
Grand Rapids, MI
When asked what their overall satisfaction of Witness is? The answer comes back: “Completely Satisfied!!”

Tim Demske 
Associated Spring Barnes Group
Saline, MI

Jim Parke
Precision Stamping
Howell, MI

John Grice 
Stewart EFI
Thomaston, CT
Witness has worked very well with Fulton in all areas. When emergencies happen Witness is very cooperative and helpful.

Joy Lesher
Fulton Industries
Wauseon, OH
Witness has grown and improved as a company since their inception. We are impressed by [their] people and capabilities.

Tom Moore
Mitch Carr
Jagemann Stamping Company
Manitowoc, WI