Production Process Integration

Production Process

Put our technology between you and your customer.

One of the best steps you can take as a parts manufacturer is to integrate Witness Inspection equipment into your manufacturing process and inspect every one of your parts before shipping them to your customer.


Production Process

Random sampling is not enough; hand inspecting every part is only 85% effective because of human error.  The possibility of allowing up to 15% of the nonconforming parts to be shipped out to the customer is an unacceptable risk for any manufacturer.


Witness will custom design a high-tech, vision-based, automatic inspection machine that you can integrate right into your manufacturing line so you are producing parts and inspecting them in the same operation.  We will take into consideration all of your variables and the specifics needed for your unique situation.  We combine our 30 years of experience and engineering with off-the-shelf components which are easy to repair or replace should the occasion arise.  Witness offers excellent technical support, often networking into your equipment remotely, to allow troubleshooting over the internet from our Zeeland technical department.



Reduce your manpower requirements, increase the consistency of your deliverables, and improve your customer satisfaction ratings. That is a recipe for success.