Rotary Vision Inspection Equipment

Rotary Vision Inspection Equipment


This machine is comprised of a dial plate, one to four cameras, ejection chutes, HMI, pneumatics, controls, etc…


Rotary Vision Inspection Equipment

A typical Rotary application might be comprised of two machine vision systems.  There will be one horizontal camera, and machine vision backlight and one vertical camera with machine vision backlight. The machine could be hand loaded or bowl fed, the part will pass by the horizontal camera. The part could be checking for things like diameters, over all length, external threads; if the part fails the inspection a blast of compressed air will then eject the part from the machine into the reject chute. If the part passes the inspections it will go on to the vertical camera. With the vertical camera the part could be checked for ID, OD. If the part passes the vertical camera inspection it will be ejected by a blast of compressed air into the good chute. If the part fails the inspection, it will continue on, into another reject chute. Products can be selected using either a touch screen operator interface or an industrial PC that can visually displays anything from just the pass / fail counts, to displaying the part number that is running, the image of the part being inspected, how many parts each camera is failing etc…

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