Gravity Track Vision Inspection Equipment

Gravity Track Vision


Gravity Track

This machine may include a bowl feeder, typically one to three cameras (can be more), ejection chutes, HMI, pneumatics, controls, etc…


Knurl Pin

This system can be implemented in a few different ways. One might be if the application is straight part such as tubes, headless studs, knurl pins, etc… The parts are clean and need to be check for things like over all length, threads, and the knurl.   This machine could be a single camera system with a bowl feeder. Product would come out of the bowl and slide down the slider track. The product would trip the trigger sensor. The camera would take an image of the product and perform the inspection. The camera would output a signal to eject if a good part. Defective parts would be allowed to slide on down to a reject bin. Good and defective counts will be displayed on the operator interface display.

Knurl pins in bowl

One of the other ways we might use the Gravity Track System is if the parts had a shoulder like double ended studs, anything with a flange, or parts that are magazine loaded. On a machine sorting double ended studs, the parts would be bowl fed into a gravity track collar to collar. The machine would have three vision systems on it. The part would be inspected for the threads on ether side of the collar, over all length, and the collar diameter. All three cameras would take there inspections at the same time, if the part pasted all three cameras inspections it would be ejected into the finished packaging. If the part fails any one of the inspections it would be ejected into a rejected bin.


Gravity Track

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