Inspection Equipment

Conveyor Vision Equipment

We have been designing, building and installing specialty automated, vision-based inspection equipment since 1998 because we know that hand sorting simply is never going to get the job done the way it needs to be done.  Just-In-Time delivery and Zero PPM requirements are putting pressure on manufacturers to step up their ability to deliver 100% accurate parts, 100% of the time.

Benefits of Witness Inspection Equipment

Rotary Vision Equipment

Our vision-based inspection equipment ejects good parts into the shipping box and shuts off when the box is full.  The software can report why parts fail and which defects are causing you the most problems, allowing you to identify trouble spots and thereby improve your manufacturing process.  All this, while examining up to 25,000 parts per hour with 100% accuracy, guaranteed.

Basic Vision Inspection Systems

We have three basic systems; rotary vision inspection equipment, conveyor vision inspection equipment, and gravity track vision inspection equipment. These three basic systems can run a wide range of parts, screw machine, plastic injection mold, deep drawn stamping, cold headed, etc… We combine our 30 years of experience and engineering with off-the-shelf components which are easy to repair or replace should the occasion arise.  Witness offers excellent technical support, often networking into your equipment remotely, to allow troubleshooting over the internet from our Zeeland technical department.

Custom Vision Inspection Systems

Inside a piece of equipment

We build equipment based on the customers need; it might be one of our basic machines or a combination. Each one of the machines we build is customized to me your needs. Witness is always looking for innovative ways of getting our customers defect free parts.

Any job we do has our 100% guarantee if we do not provide what we say we will you will not pay for it!


We will design equipment to inspect for whatever you need to check.

  • Inside Diameter
  • Height
  • Roundness
  • Threads
  • Flash
  • Angles
  • Outside Diameter
  • Width
  • Plugged holes
  • Missing Operations
  • Short Shots
  • Mixed Parts
  • ...and more