Conveyor Vision Inspection Equipment

Conveyor Vision 2


This machine is comprised of a conveyor, typically four to ten cameras (can be more), ejection chutes, HMI, pneumatics, controls, pick and place, if needed, etc…


A conveyor may be used when we need to see all the way around the part and several cameras are needed. If the parts are larger, or if they need to be moved robotically to get another view of the part we would use this system.

An example of an application for this type of equipment might be: A part needs to be checked for anything from gross plating defects to laminations on the outside of the part. It also may need to be checked for ID, and OD. The parts would travel down the conveyor past multiple cameras that would be checking for the plating/lamination condition. If the part is rejected by any one of the cameras it will be ejected off the machine, if the part passes it will be shuttled to the next inspection station. At the second inspection station the parts will be inspected for the ID and OD. If the part passes the inspection, they will be ejected into finished packaging, if the part fails the inspection they would be ejected into a reject bin.


We combine our 30 years of experience and engineering with off-the-shelf components which are easy to repair or replace should the occasion arise.  Witness offers excellent technical support, often networking into your equipment remotely, to allow troubleshooting over the internet from our Zeeland technical department.

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