About Us

Witness is in the business of providing dependable solutions for manufacturers, guaranteeing that only inspected and conforming parts reach their customers.  By eliminating non-conforming parts, we partner with our customers to reduce their risk in the marketplace.


Witness is an inspection and sorting facility using advanced vision-based technology.  At Witness, all of the product we sort must pass the rigorous inspection by digital vision cameras. Nothing is left to the judgment of the operator.  Witness inspects and sorts product for many industries including automotive, furniture, and hardware. 

Machine Building

We have been designing, building and installing specialty automated, vision-based inspection equipment since 1998 because we know that hand sorting simply is never going to get the job done the way it needs to be done.  Just-In-Time delivery and Zero PPM requirements are putting pressure on manufacturers to step up their ability to deliver 100% accurate parts, 100% of the time.


Back in the late 1990’s two facts became apparent; American industry was demanding 100% quality from suppliers who were not able to deliver and, vision technology was finally becoming something that could be applied in day to day manufacturing.

In the automotive industry in particular, many components being produced could never meet the “Zero Defects” requirements that were being demanded.  Suppliers were forced to turn to the age old method of hand sorting 100% of their product.  Studies have shown that hand sorting is at best 85% effective in removing defective product.  It became common practice to hand sort product multiple times which added unacceptable costs and failed to produce acceptable results.

About the same time an amazing development was taking place in the vision industry, vision systems were becoming “user friendly”.  Vision systems had been around for quite some time but had developed a poor reputation at best.  Systems were complicated, unreliable and expensive.  With the development by DVT of the compact, self-contained, vision sensor a new era had begun.

Witness was birthed in 1998 out of the need to supply industry with 100% defect free product in an efficient and costly manner.  By taking the relatively new DVT vision sensor and applying it to the sorting process, Witness was able to provide customers with 100% defect free product, thereby meeting the stringent industry quality requirements while actually reducing the “per piece” costs.  The inspection systems designed by Witness were able to inspect product with the required accuracy and repeatability.  The inspection process was no longer dependent upon an operator making an objective decision if the product was acceptable or not.  Each product would be inspected exactly the same, using the same criteria, not influenced by stress, time of day, “feelings” or even what plans it had for that evening!

Since Witness was incorporated in 1998, we have become an integral part of the industrial product supply process.  We work with many industries such as automotive, hardware, furniture and more by inspecting products produced by many different processes.  Some of these processes include stamping, cold heading, screw machine, precision machining, deep drawn stamping, injection molding and extrusions.  Many of the products used in the manufacture of an automobile that required error free operation are sorted at Witness Inspection.  These products may be used in such areas as air bag deployment, braking systems and fuel delivery systems.  Witness has always supplied vision inspection/sorting services at the facility in West Michigan but as time went on it became apparent that some customers required sorting equipment for use in their own facility.  Witness began to design and build vision based sorting equipment that would specifically meet the customer requirements and function well in the manufacturing environment.  This equipment marries the need for sophisticated vision technology with the need for ruggedness, ease of use and the ability to survive in varying industrial environments.