ServicesContract Vision Inspection & SortingContract Vision
Inspection & Sorting

Have your parts inspected at our facility. If desired, we can package and ship the 100% inspected parts directly to your customer.
We will meet with you, discuss your needs, test your parts, and come up with a solution to fit your needs.   
Production Process IntegrationProduction Process

Witness will custom design an automatic inspection machine that you can integrate right into your manufacturing line.
Reporting / Data CollectionReporting / Data Collection
Our machines can help you by reporting what part of the process is failing.
Inspection EquipmentRotary Vision Inspection & SortingRotary Dial Inspection Equipment 
This system typically includes two vision cameras checking profiles, ID, OD etc… Can be hand fed or auto fed.
Conveyor Vision Inspection EquipmentConveyor Inspection Equipment
These systems may include several vision cameras, larger parts, 360 degree view of the part
Gravity Track Vision Inspection EquipmentGravity Track Inspection Equipment
This system can have multiple views, typical inspections include threads, lengths, diameters etc…
Customer Testimonials / Comments
“Not only does the Witness equipment do a better job than the human eye, but it is better than similar sorting technologies I have seen.  Witness can do a more intricate sorting with their technology. We haven’t had any complaints from customers since we started taking our parts to them.”

Mark Drooger
Precision Metal Products
Holland, MI
“Witness has worked very well with Fulton in all areas. When emergencies happen Witness is very cooperative and helpful.”

Joy Lesher
Fulton Industries
Wauseon, OH
“We’re promoting it through our supply chain, too.  None of the suppliers in our supply base are as effective as Warmington Industries which uses the Witness system.  And we’ve invited Witness in to error-proof sort in our own plant.”  

Rich Shippy 
Agape Plastics
Grand Rapids, MI
“Out of 30 or so suppliers, one customer moved us up to number three after we started using the Witness system.  It helps us improve our customer relationships, and we have even taken it out to our own suppliers to improve their quality as well.”

Jim Schuster 
Warmington Industries
Grand Rapids, MI

Specialty Fastener Distributor

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